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MA'AM cabaret extravaganzas (including "Josh," "Is This Us?" and "MA'AM PRESENTS...") use standup comedy, music, projection, dance, sketch comedy, and karaoke-style performances to create a multimedia, multifaceted, multi-million dollar comedy show never seen before. Ever.

We have all been called "MA'AM." We all fucking hate it.
For multiple reasons.
So we're taking "MA'AM" back:
M stands for "MA'AM"
A stands for "Always t-o'd" (ticked off)
A stands for "Absolutely"
and M stands for "Maybe next Tuesday"

"MA'AM" has no moral code. "MA'AM" has no purpose.
"MA'AM" has no specialty or skill. "MA'AM" has no special. On Netflix.
"MA'AM" is all of us. "MA'AM" is none of us.
"MA'AM" is everywhere at all times.
Especially when you don't want her to be.
"MA'AM" watched you lose your virginity.
"MA'AM" was super judgy about it.

created and performed by:
Catherine Bloom
Art Kopischke

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