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Project type

Play in Development

Past Development Spaces

Woods Studio,
Under St Marks Theater

Catherine Bloom

Playwright / Performer

Art Kopischke

Playwright / Director

Upcoming Date

July 26th-27th

Upcoming Location

PVD Fringe: 50 Sims

“Poly Play” is a Play about Poly Landlords!

Roxy, the ingenue of our play, has finally received the opportunity to rent a room from the hottest polyamorous landlord couple in town, thanks to her poly-landlord-boyfriend, James! This is the first time Roxy has EVER earned the title “girlfriend,” even if it is “secondary.” But will her annoying personality and desire to fornicate with other tenants soil her relationship and get her evicted? The answer is… yes.

​“Poly Play” is a nightmarishly farcical kitchen table drama where the worst people you know learn what a tenants union is.

Sponsored in part by Wild Wines and Brooklyn Wine Company
Coming to Providence Fringe this July!

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